Saturday, 2 July 2016

You Can Choose An Escort In Marbella Or Ibiza? I Am Impressed!

I am always amazed when a randy male tourist visiting Marbella or Ibiza actually manages to contact one of the escort agencies on the Costa del Sol or the White Island and specifically asks for a girl by name. It seems to me to be a massively impressive act of will, decision making ability and self control. Why? The problem of choice.

escort ibiza daisy dukes wet over bikini
Not an escort. Cute though.
It is a well-known phenomenon that people are only able to manage a certain amount of information at any given time. Psychologists call it the rule of seven. Basically, we can remember and focus on somewhere between five and nine things at any given time. Sober and focused women will be at the top end of that number, sex crazed drunk males toward the lower! And there are far more than seven escort agencies in Marbella or Ibiza. And each of those agencies has beautiful and attractive photos of more than seven girls on their front page. Sometimes far more than that number!

Which means making choices at each stage. And making choices is both tiring and psychologically risky. Not only can the average randy bloke not remember all the girls he has looked at, he then has to handle the fear of making the wrong choice. What if the girl he picks is a loony? Or does not look like her photos because she is a moose who lost thirty pounds in five minutes on the Photoshop diet? Or is just truly lousy in bed compared with her far more enthusiastic friend whose photos were not quite as shiny.

marbella escort pink bikini gecko
Not an escort. Sexy & sweet.
Psychologists have also begun to establish that decision making works in many ways like a mental equivalent of a physical muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets and the easier it is to do work with it in the future; the more decision you make the easier it is to make future decisions. But equally the more you use it, the more tired it becomes; the more decisions you make of any kind, the harder it eventually becomes to make even the simplest of choices, let alone the hard ones. Which is why Barack Obama has a standard set of clothes, Steve Jobs always wore different versions of exactly the same thing, and Mark Zuckerberg having a wardrobe full of grey t shirts and hoodies.

So a man who has decided specifically on his choice for the title of the best escort Marbella has to offer, or the sexiest escort Ibiza can deliver by the hour has done an amazing act of mental processing, given the sheer quantities of escorts, streetwalkers and club girls available. Let alone the choice between calling an escort agency, going to a club or pulling a street girl. So having a specific girl that you have chosen as the perfect Ibiza escort or Marbella escort is really impressive.

It is also why most guys just basically ask the escort agency to send a female who is in decent shape and has a pulse.

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