Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Realities of Being A London Escort (Part 1)

If you are new to the business and want to be a London escort, then you need to take a good long look at the reality of what is involved. I do not mean the risks of having sex with strange men, or getting involved in sexual practices that you have not even heard of yet. Nor do I mean your sexual health and well-being or making sure that you take precautions whether you are having “straight” sex (whatever that is) or performing oral sex without a condom (OWO) or anal sex (A levels). Just as an aside, any kind of penetrative sex vaginal or anal is always with a condom. No exceptions. At all. Ever. Really. Trust me on this.

london escort basque corset and fishnet stockings
Not an escort. Not soliciting.
I am not even talking about the legal aspects or potential trouble with the police. Contrary to popular opinion and expectation, being a prostitute or escort in England is perfectly legal. You can sell sex to your hearts content. Men can but as much sex as they want or can afford. Other than the perfectly correct limits on human trafficking and coercion, the only provisos are that you cannot street-walk or solicit, and you cannot advertise in telephone boxes. That is about it. You can do anything you damn well like as long as you advertise through the internet or contact magazines and do not have other girls working in the same house or apartment because that is then running a brothel. So the obvious way of keeping yourself safe is not available, but such is life in London.

Oh, and pay your taxes! The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is perfectly sanguine about you shagging twenty men a day for money. As long as another girl does not do so from the same location, no-one is been trafficked, you are not selling drugs (or any other kind of illegal action) and you pay your damn taxes! Give Her Majesties Revenue and Customs their due and they will give you your due.

So what am I talking about if not sexual health, trouble with the law and paying your taxes? More in the next post!

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