Friday, 5 August 2016

The Realities Of Being A London Escort (Part 2)

Last time I explained that being an escort in London is completely legal as long as there is no human trafficking or coercion involved, only one girl is working from the location, there is no soliciting or advertising in phone boxes, and that no other laws are being broken. (Sale of narcotics, animal cruelty, under age sex, tax evasion...)

But I was also saying that being a London escort will require you to take a good long hard look at the realities of what being in the business means. So if I am not referring to issues around legality, sexual health etc, what am I referring to? Well the clue is in my mention of the word “business”. Selling sex is a sales business. It is a profession like any other. Indeed the cliché has it as one of the two oldest professions. The other being warrior.

escort london taking off sheer body. sexy
Getting ready for work.
Anyone entering into any other kind of business would do a little research and market testing first, but people just launch themselves into the sex industry on the assumption that since “sex always sells” they will be certain to be able to sell their wares and make a big chunk of cash fast. Imagine thinking the same way about launching a bar, restaurant, shop or anything else and you can see how foolish it might be. Men might always need sex. But why will they buy it from you rather than someone else? Men also need food, but I am not sure I would want to set up against Tesco or Sainsburys!

If you go mass market you will be competing against thousands of gorgeous eastern European girls who lodge six to a room so that they can send as much money home as possible. They are also perfectly happy to travel anywhere in London at no notice at any time of the day or night and supply an hour of vigorous shagging of any kind you can imagine for one hundred pounds an hour.

If you want to be a high class London escort, you will be competing with women who have figures of Sports Illustrated or Vogue models (or who may even be Sports Illustrated or Vogue models!). You will also be up against women who are fluent in multiple languages (as well as the language of love!) and who hold MBAs or PhDs. Often you will find all of the above rolled into one annoying nice, pleasant and friendly person.

Which leaves the mid market. Which is full of women charging around two hundred and fifty pounds an hour, which is cool, but most of their business is incalls which means that you need a place to work from, which needs to be rented and which comes out of your costs. Does it really it need saying that working from home is a really, really, really bad idea?

Your greatest advantage, if it applies to you, is being English. So few women in the mid market in London are English that it becomes a major selling point!

And lastly, you need to work out how to manage your books and manage your banking. The last thing you want to do is not show your income to the Inland Revenue. That way you are sure to get screwed. And not in the good or lucrative way!

So do your research, think it through, and good luck!

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